The Book Forward

We are adding this new forward from "Patricia Hunte" to future printings of "Death by Technology". See what this esteemed journalist of 28 years has to say about "Death by Technology" and Dan Thomas.





By "Lady Patricia Hunte"

Some of us realize we’re living in very difficult times. Unfortunately, most of us don’t realize how troubled the times are.  As we look around the world we see we’re not the only ones and we’re not the worst off, but our country, our world is clearly in trouble.  Our exorbitant and ever rising national debt, high unemployment and the jobs that are not all paying a decent living wage are indications something is wrong and has been for quite some time.  Ever sense I can remember, the world has been a troubled place to live.  Why after all this time does it keep getting worse instead of better?  Isn’t this the age of progress and knowledge?  These are some of the important questions that you’ll find answers to in this book.

I know that feeling you’re having right now, right this instant because I’ve felt it too. It is the life long, lingering feelingof despair and hopelessness.  You feel powerless and even useless in a world that is so in need of real change and no leadership. The problem is, you don’t know what else to do. Thanks to Dan, I don’t have that anymore.  Now I know there is a way out. Most importantly, I know we have a choice. I know now that great things are possible in our future.  I clearly understand that we face the biggest challenge the human race has ever known.  One of the problems is that man doesn’t realize he’s entering a period of change and turmoil that the ordinary citizen cannot and will not believe until it’s too late. That, in a nut shell is our whole dilemma – mass complacency magnified by ignorance. 

When I was thinking about what to say in this forward, I asked myself, how can I make the most impact on what is without a doubt the most important issue of our time or any other time for that matter?  First I thought about my kids. I thought about all the love, hard work, sacrifices and resources I poured into their daily lives so they could make the best of their lives in a world that I thought would have everything to offer.  I have to say that I was pretty darn successful because my sweat and tears paid off,  or did they?  What I never contemplated was that the world wouldn’t be a suitable place for the fantastic human beings that I put on this planet. All my attention went into child rearing. I had no idea that I needed to be aware and pro-active to protect their future and mine for that matter. So I only did half the job it seems. I didn’t know the world and my country were so bad off. Like most people I knew it was a mess but I thought it would clear up over time like bad dream or a cold. I was a journalist for a very long time. I thought surely I knew how the world worked. I thought I knew what it would take to fix it. It’s obvious to me now that I had no idea how the world worked, not at all. And neither do you because if you really understood, then things would not be as they are. What we think we understand are just the symptoms. You can’t fix anything by addressing just the symptoms.  Dan drills the point over and over into your head. I didn’t know anything about peak employment, peak oil, climate change, progress traps, economic collapse and the list is just too scary and long to continue.  My point is, we’re in a lot of trouble. Denial is easy and lazy. You don’t have to do anything about anything when you deny it. There’s a huge price for ignoring reality. Most of us put all of our time in our children and our jobs. Outside of that we don’t have time to sift through very complex but important issues. What it comes down to is this, we need help. It’s not going to come from the usual sources (government, big business, bankers, and media).  We usually rely on these sources but they are no longer reliable to address the threats and challenges we face today and in the future.  The government can’t help us. Big business can’t help us. Banks can’t help us and the media is bought off like everyone else.   We have to help ourselves.  A very special and smart group of people have been warning us about our problems for years and we haven’t listened. Then they started shouting because the dangers and our problems are escalating and we still can’t hear them. Dan Thomas went a step further with an ingénues way of saving us from ourselves before it’s too late. Dan said “the old biblical metaphor/prophecy of bringing the people to the Promised Land is not workable”. He went on to say “that with what we know today, we can bring the Promised Land to the people”. It will be up to us to let the people know they have choice. That’s why I feel reborn again. I know now that we have a choice. We have a better future if we don’t allow others to take it away from us.

In the eye of the author, the “Promised Land”  is technology. But technology is a double edge sword that we don’t fully understand or control. And because we don’t have control of technology, it is literally destroying us in more ways than we can possibly understand. The good part is this; we have the ability to control technology. Our generation has the ability for the first time in all of human history to build a super technology.  Now technology will serve men - all man and woman kind. He’s telling us that we don’t have to be slaves anymore. We don’t have to be slaves to our jobs, our governments, banks, our old ideas, our new ideas or anything else. We are the masters of our universe.  Dan doesn’t just say it for effect, he proves it to you in simple terms and then he tells you how to break your chains – your mental and physical chains. It comes down this. Once you understand, then you will know you have a choice. The choice is this. Free your mind then free yourself or perish. I’m confident what you will choose. As Dan always says, “No one chooses slavery when they have a choice and the power to be free”.  Now all I have to do (as Dan is trying to do) is to let you know you have the choice and the power – so wake up!
This book is a celebration of our greatness.  The book will empower you and everyone who reads it. Because from then on you will know you are the real power for change and how to use that power. The reason why most people act like sheep is because they don’t know what to do. We can vote for new candidates, we can protest and complain but that won’t fix the problems we’ve allowed to accumulate. As a matter of fact, that’s how we accumulated such a mess in the first place. I found a marvelous line that Dan has on one of his websites. It reads  – “The revolution has to take place in your head first”.

I understand his condescending, humorous tone and style of writing now. We are children to him and others like him (Scientists and Engineers). They see us that way because we act that way. It’s like he’s telling you to grow up now it’s going to be alright, you are destined for greatness. This book is his attempt to bring humanity together to fulfill its true destiny based on the talents, resources and gifts we’ve inherited. I will leave it up to you to get the details.

My experience with greatness

When you’ve been around for half a century or so it’s very easy to distinguish brilliance from the ordinary mediocrity of conventional thinkers. Conventional thinkers are just robot-like parrots repeating the same old anecdotes that don’t work. Things like “trickle-down economics”, “lower taxes”, “higher taxes”, “don’t interfere with the free market”, “cut entitlements,” etc.  This is why things never change.  Mediocrity is common and comfortable but that doesn’t make it right or relevant.  Brilliance can be exciting and unnerving at the same time. I’m excited!
The time for half measures and Band-Aids are over. No one has even come close to articulating a vision for the future, let alone how to get there. Dan is a true visionary. He doesn’t use a lot of fancy words or clever gimmicks to entertain you.  He is a person of true substance. I believe the most important thing you need to be a good communicator is honesty because nothing else is more important than the truth.  He introduces the true power of the human collective in a way that I’ve never heard it explained. I consider myself to be well read, traveled and educated. Dan Thomas is a different kind of beast that lives among us. I know when I see and hear a great man. My husband was a great man. Great men don’t just bask in their own greatness. They take it upon themselves to reach out and help others. You’ll see just as I have. Dan is one of the great ones.  When it’s all said and done the world will know Dan Thomas.



Short Biograhpy

Patricia Hunte worked in Atlanta, Georgia; Buffalo, New York; Roanoke, Virginia; Danville, Virginia and Johannesburg South Africa as a news journalist. She was an Emmy Nominated News Anchor/Reporter for WXIA TV in Atlanta. Her journalism career in television, radio and newspaper spanned 28 years. She was married to the Late Sir Conrad Hunte, a Five-Time World Champion West Indian Cricket Player. She’s the mother of Roberta Hunte PhD., Grace Hunte M.D., M.P.H., and Veronica Lorraine Hunte, a professional Dancer.

"Death by Technology’ will be the most important story I’ve worked on in my lifetime."
~ Lady Patricia Hunte